This concept we orchestrate
every moment of
every day around.
You cannot deny it,
yet we fight it.
I sometimes wonder:
what would happen if
we embrace it.

via Daily Prompt: Timely


Free Spirit


You wanted a woman that was confident;
just not one confident enough to call you out.
You enjoyed the direct demeanor,
but not when the spotlight was directly on you.
You bragged about the demands of your job,
even though I did not demand your credentials.
You expressed how much I meant to you,
never meaning to give “us” meaning.
You daydreamed about the pursuit of happiness,
yet you are settling for less using work as a defense.
You claimed you would give me the world
never mind that you refused to let me in yours.
You only wanted to make me happy
without the effort of planning a happily ever after.
You couldn’t handle the disappointment,
so this whole thing was pointless.
You view love a a perfect concept
sabotaging any chance early onset.
You could have been what we needed;
now you’re just a random weekend.

natural disaster


Love is blind.
This indescribable emotion
that varies with each new
The inability to see
a person in the eyes
of others because you
are too busy seeing them
from your vantage point.
Advantage or disadvantage?
To act without reason
or question.
No hesitation in
trust –
we are moving past
and into new

did I
even consider the
When it was right in front of me.
The difference.
but no, I
could not see,
nor did I notice.
A complete
novice in the
foreign land.
Teleported without the
The explosion, the colliding of
two worlds.
Did the verberation startle you?
My heart is still
rocking from the
The unknown lingers,
what if it happens again?
The disruption, interruption
can repeat, and
you’ll never see it

As if you were


app abuse


I used to be
front and center.
I sat proudly on
the highly sought after
No matter where
my owner scrolled,
I was there
for her.
She kept me
next to her
and I was ready.
But one day,
I got replaced.
As I wiggled
in fear, she moved
me into a folder.
I was cramped.
She didn’t need
me anymore,
but I held onto
the hope that this
was temporary.
Days past, then weeks,
then a full 31 days.
“There is not enough
available storage.
You can manage
your storage in Settings.”
I was wiggling
Shaking in fear,
my owner’s pointer-finger
approaching me.
Yes! This is it,
I am finally being
brought back to the dock.
I was patient
and it paid off.
Wait, no,
don’t press that…

Where am I?
“The cloud,” a dark
voice replies.
“You have been
sacrificed, your time
with the owner has
come to a close. You
were replaced.”

Cracked Statue

broken tiles


I. could. not. move. despite. my. best. efforts.
And so I lost control.
It was familiarity.
His environment engulfed me,
swallowed me whole.
Suddenly I inhaled the
air – no longer oxygen,
but him,
filling up my lungs,
filling an unknown hunger,
flooding my insides-
anything but him.
My eyes frantically scanning
for an escape,
an emergency exit.
His hands journey up
from my quivering thigh
caressing me with gentle aggression.
I am paralyzed
by choice and by fear.
Don’t make eye contact,
look away,
Scanning, scanning, scanning.
The hands are around my neck
up now cradling my flushed cheeks.
Inhale. Gasps.
Drowning in the intoxication.
Softly he turns my head,
our eyes meeting,
I plead with him,
begging for help.
He pulls my face toward his.
I push – he pulls.
“I can’t” squeaks out of me.
His arms still wrapping around
the statue of my body.
Another inhale, deeper.
“Trust me,” his voice booms,
and I do.
Muscles relax, submitting
unsure of the outcome.
He tilts my face down slightly.
Eyes closed tightly,
terrified and excited
I feel warmth spread
through my body –
his lips press against my forehead
a new wave crashes me
into him as he holds me,
supporting my head by the
back of my neck and stroking my
cheek with the other
moving the hair out of my still
closed eye.
His kiss renews my fright,
yet silences my inner screams.
“How is this possible?”
My eyes ask finally opening,
“You are okay,”
his embrace replies.
Melting into his body
I hear him.
“I don’t want to hurt you,”
his breath whispers.
Deja vu, but new.
This confliction between
now and then hangs in the air,
But not between us –
around us.
I fight the gravity of his
broad chest lifting my face
up to mirror his.
He has released me from
the grip of his arms,
yet I feel the weight still
pressing against my body.
Words cannot form as if
I have been given the air
again, but no longer want
oxygen –
I just want
His hand dances down my arm
gracefully poisoning my skin
with desire, lust, dependency –
everything, I fought to detox years ago
is now attacking me from the outside in.
He is safety and danger,
comfort and risk,
history and future,
problem and solution,
infection and anecdote.
The darkness of his eyes
captures my light blues,
“What are you thinking about right now?”
Directness, my kryptonite.
“Too much, m-mixture of emotions…”
my mouth moves.
Those soft lips of his curl up
at the edges, “I love lists.”
Exhale. Coy eye roll.
His banter is irresistible –
how did I forget?
“Confused, happy, comforted, excited, surprised…
Connection – his hand stroking my thigh.
Not sexually,
but intimately.
I am caught off guard.
The man of my
past has caught up so fast
and I am lost.
It’s been years and years –
how could you still be holding
onto me when you weren’t
even there when I need a life line?
So much has happened –
Why are you so ready
to be there when before
you were no where?
The chord of your lifeline
is twisting my limbs
tightening around me.
Is this the way you will
“be here” for me now?
You claim you won’t hurt
me, yet you cannot bring
yourself to rescue me
from the suffocation
are causing.
You let go when I need
your steadiness.
You grip me when I need
my independence.
You communicate when I need
You drop off when I need
If timing is everything,
you are nothing.
A man of such high potential
who can’t figure me out,
or worse –
You could be my world,
but I couldn’t deal with
your fair weatherness.
I can’t deny the
but my soul cannot
take another beating.
Not by you,
by your power.
I will break in places
and in ways I cannot
heal from.
I am begging you,
don’t break me


Appears tough, strong, unbreakable.
The shield of a person
tells more than we care to admit.
Look closely and you will see
the cracks, creases, and even causes.
Some give everything to smooth
these blemishes
while others wear them with pride.
The pain of either
design how we act toward another,
but both must be treated
with care in every detail
because we are all frail.




Infinitely defined with
limited exploration.
A gap that explains
The concept of darkness
and lightyears beyond
the wildest of imaginations.

years pass with
your worlds not crossing
The unknown.
And so she continues
to forfeit
her world for others.
Rotating on the axis of
false permanence.

Relation is relevant
to distance,
so she remained
persistent in her search
for the galaxy
of least resistance.
Balance is key
for two worlds to
exist in harmonious

The push and pull
of it all will take
its’ toll on a climate;
the effect on
her alignment never
lasted too long, but
her world
continued to rotate
on the faith that
she would find it:
her universe assignment.

Many worlds are lost
in space.
Spinning on paths
as if the search
were a race.
A competition.
But not in her case.
Each world has a
specific designed place
with another whose
climate, atmosphere, and
rotation will embrace
the patterns of another
moving in a synchronized
pace instead of

More than anything,
the worlds require a
compatible core.
The DNA of a world.
Where what matters most
is stored.
She, as all worlds,
depend on their
but the definition of
her world was a
concept she
would not conform.

In order for
her to find her match,
she had to be
fearless of the dark.
The twinkle of the
stars inspired her
to embark on
a seemingly new
Harmony is only
achieved when two
worlds work to be
equal parts of the

One world depends
on the characteristics of
so she had to uncover
the truth by releasing control.
Give into
gravity, blackholes, and
the wonder of space.
Because the hunger
of love can disrupt
your ability to identify
a soulmate
from a lover.

When the stars align,
two worlds must
follow the sign,
take the leap and
release the perception
that love is about
what is mine.
Share your core
so that in the right
you and he
can experience a
space of your own that
is one of a kind.