“It’ll be okay”,
they said.
“He’s in a better
place now”,
they claimed.
“Just give it
they advised.

Why do they
try to speed up
the grieving process?
Like it’s some

“It’ll be okay”,
as if not being okay
is wrong.
We tiptoe around
the obvious negative
aspects of life,
and for what?
Temporary comfort
in a moment of otherwise
awk ward ness?
Death is the sibling
of life.
The “troubled” one.
The “black sheep”
of the family.
We are conditioned
to avoid death
and all it’s characteristics.

“He’s in a better
place now”,
as if I don’t know that.
But I am not there,
and that is the problem.
The gapping gap
established between
heaven and our world
creates the misperception
of loss.
We blame death
for the separation
because we are geared
to require a scapegoat.
We ignore the one
who started this process
we call life, birth.

“Just give it time”,
a facade of a
This idea that
promotes waiting for
wounds to close,
scab over, flake off,
And all you have to do
is wait.
Just wait.
Missing the detail
of your involvement
because we would
rather avoid the thought
that we must
initiate our process.

Grief is growth
masked in tragedy.
Ownership is required
for one to truly



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