My favorite season is autumn,
a live show of a scientific system 

in a series of colors from a prism.

My attention is held in their prison.

Life’s transformation trapped in a leaf;

daily the browns progress and greens retreat.

My fascination is not in their death;

I instead admire their attempt to infect

as they float away from their home 

leaving behind a life of what they know.

The leaves accept influence on their path down to earth 

blowing whichever way the wind blows them they surf 

embracing the undefined journey ahead.

I obsess in their abandonment of being fed 

watching as they focus more on leaving their mark,

finding a way to epically impart. 

A leaf imprints its identity for us to see,

a message to us that it is with change we will be free

because a leaf reflects an ongoing cycle 

Of starting over, a new chapter, a new title.

But we must be intentionally aware,

act with sincerity in the manner in which we share 

our life story can be altered at any time.

Each fall the leaves comfort us that we will be just fine.

Remember that you write your own destiny,

so act true to yourself and define your own legacy.


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