Because you need to.

Because you don’t think you have time.

Because we move too quickly.

Because you are moving in the wrong direction.

Because you will need to remember this moment.

Because regret.

Because time never stops.

Because you can stop time.

Because your thoughts need a moment.

Because your heart can’t take it.

Because you’re acting irrationally.

Because you’re acting rationally.

Because you can’t believe this.

Because you knew this would happen.

Because it’s over.

Because it’s just beginning.

Because you are lost.

Because you are found.

Because you need to process.

Because you need to act.

Because that’s a bad idea.

Because that’s your best idea yet.

Because yesterday is over.

Because tomorrow is almost here.

Because you won’t get another chance.

Because maybe that wasn’t your path.

Because you’re losing control.

Because you have the ability to gain control.

Because rewinding is impossible,

and fast forward is a sci-fi dream.

But pause is possible,

so hit the double line button;

give yourself a moment

and pause.


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