app abuse


I used to be
front and center.
I sat proudly on
the highly sought after
No matter where
my owner scrolled,
I was there
for her.
She kept me
next to her
and I was ready.
But one day,
I got replaced.
As I wiggled
in fear, she moved
me into a folder.
I was cramped.
She didn’t need
me anymore,
but I held onto
the hope that this
was temporary.
Days past, then weeks,
then a full 31 days.
“There is not enough
available storage.
You can manage
your storage in Settings.”
I was wiggling
Shaking in fear,
my owner’s pointer-finger
approaching me.
Yes! This is it,
I am finally being
brought back to the dock.
I was patient
and it paid off.
Wait, no,
don’t press that…

Where am I?
“The cloud,” a dark
voice replies.
“You have been
sacrificed, your time
with the owner has
come to a close. You
were replaced.”


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