natural disaster


Love is blind.
This indescribable emotion
that varies with each new
The inability to see
a person in the eyes
of others because you
are too busy seeing them
from your vantage point.
Advantage or disadvantage?
To act without reason
or question.
No hesitation in
trust –
we are moving past
and into new

did I
even consider the
When it was right in front of me.
The difference.
but no, I
could not see,
nor did I notice.
A complete
novice in the
foreign land.
Teleported without the
The explosion, the colliding of
two worlds.
Did the verberation startle you?
My heart is still
rocking from the
The unknown lingers,
what if it happens again?
The disruption, interruption
can repeat, and
you’ll never see it

As if you were

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