Infinitely defined with
limited exploration.
A gap that explains
The concept of darkness
and lightyears beyond
the wildest of imaginations.

years pass with
your worlds not crossing
The unknown.
And so she continues
to forfeit
her world for others.
Rotating on the axis of
false permanence.

Relation is relevant
to distance,
so she remained
persistent in her search
for the galaxy
of least resistance.
Balance is key
for two worlds to
exist in harmonious

The push and pull
of it all will take
its’ toll on a climate;
the effect on
her alignment never
lasted too long, but
her world
continued to rotate
on the faith that
she would find it:
her universe assignment.

Many worlds are lost
in space.
Spinning on paths
as if the search
were a race.
A competition.
But not in her case.
Each world has a
specific designed place
with another whose
climate, atmosphere, and
rotation will embrace
the patterns of another
moving in a synchronized
pace instead of

More than anything,
the worlds require a
compatible core.
The DNA of a world.
Where what matters most
is stored.
She, as all worlds,
depend on their
but the definition of
her world was a
concept she
would not conform.

In order for
her to find her match,
she had to be
fearless of the dark.
The twinkle of the
stars inspired her
to embark on
a seemingly new
Harmony is only
achieved when two
worlds work to be
equal parts of the

One world depends
on the characteristics of
so she had to uncover
the truth by releasing control.
Give into
gravity, blackholes, and
the wonder of space.
Because the hunger
of love can disrupt
your ability to identify
a soulmate
from a lover.

When the stars align,
two worlds must
follow the sign,
take the leap and
release the perception
that love is about
what is mine.
Share your core
so that in the right
you and he
can experience a
space of your own that
is one of a kind.


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