Free Spirit


You wanted a woman that was confident;
just not one confident enough to call you out.
You enjoyed the direct demeanor,
but not when the spotlight was directly on you.
You bragged about the demands of your job,
even though I did not demand your credentials.
You expressed how much I meant to you,
never meaning to give “us” meaning.
You daydreamed about the pursuit of happiness,
yet you are settling for less using work as a defense.
You claimed you would give me the world
never mind that you refused to let me in yours.
You only wanted to make me happy
without the effort of planning a happily ever after.
You couldn’t handle the disappointment,
so this whole thing was pointless.
You view love a a perfect concept
sabotaging any chance early onset.
You could have been what we needed;
now you’re just a random weekend.


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